Monday, May 11, 2009

Shopping Bag

One of my goals from Earth Day LAST YEAR (yikes!!!) was to make some reuseable shopping bags. I can't stand the plastic things. I used this pattern and some "vintage" fabric from my mom's stash. The only suggestion I have is to round the inner corners of the handles. I think it would make the bag stronger plus easier to overcast the raw edges. The bag turns out to be about the size of a regular plastic bag but I filled it with two 2-liters and 2 gatoraids and it seems to be strong enough.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Hannah's Site

I have created a Caringbridge Site to keep everyone updated on Hannah. I simply cannot keep up with updating things here, my fertility site, and Facebook. So....I'm going to keep a journal here.

Thanks again for all the support!! Precious Hannah has no idea what struggles she will soon face.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Thanks Everyone!

Just a quick and big THANK YOU to all that have called, emailed, and posted to me. Dr G said that he would try to clear an hour out of his schedule this week to talk with us further. We did not receive a call from him today. Here is a a link that has a pretty easy to understand explanation of FA. Some of you may wonder about Austin. He has a 1 in 4 chance of having it too. Without knowing, Jason and I are both carriers. Currently, since there is no known treatment at the advice of Dr G we are not going to test him.

Monday, May 04, 2009

It's Friedreich's Ataxia

Neuro just called and life just turned upside down.

LabCorp says....

neuro has the results now. Still no word from the med asst, though. Am wondering if she'll give me the info without the neuro being in the office today. Torture!

Here's what I know

Neurologist isn't in the office today, Athena rec'd the authorization form and released the results to LabCorp....BUT LabCorp doesn't have the results in their system yet. Med asst still won't return my call.

Friday, May 01, 2009

I'm done....

playing nice, that is. Today, Austin and I had lunch with Hannah. As soon as I got back in the van, I called the med asst at the neuro's office and left her a msg asking if everything got squared away with authorization form. I then decided to call Athena myself again. fax yet. Great! Lovely! I'm pretty certain that the fax was sent since Mary said she got the confirmation page from the fax. The Athena rep gave me a fax number directly to her. She said that as soon as she entered the receipt of the authorization the results would be released to LabCorp.

I immediately hung up and called the neuro's office back to find that THE OFFICE CLOSES EARLY ON FRIDAY!

Oohhh....Mary is going to have an ear full on Monday. She obviously did not follow-up as she said she would plus did not call she specifically said she would.

I'm done playing nice. This is absolutely unacceptable that results are complete and people cannot do their jobs. I wonder how Dr. G is gonna feel about this?!?!

Partial Results

The medical assistant called last night about 6pm. She faxed the authorization to Athena and got the confirmation that their faxed received it. She said that the authorization is word for word what is on the order form that Dr G had already signed. She's not sure, but speculates that LabCorp didn't send in the lab order form when they sent the blood. Who knows? She will follow up with Athena today and call me back.

Reluctantly she gave me the results of all the other stuff. It's normal which is good and bad news. I'm glad that all appears normal so far, but this rules out the Vitamin E deficient....and there's obviously something "abnormal" about Hannah's balance and coordination.