Sunday, April 08, 2007

2 Pounds

Yesterday I had my first ultrasound since being admitted on 3/26. We finally let Hannah see one and she had a great time. She gasped with excitement a few times. Baby Brother is breech with both feet up by his head. The sudden jerky movements have slowed down and in the back of my paranoid head, I was a bit worried. I guess this explains it. How can you move much when your feet are up by your ears? He's estimated to weight 2 lbs even. That's up 7 oz since I was admitted on 3/26. Cervix looks the same. Funnelled to the stitch, but it appears to be holding.

We talked about names in front of Hannah too. I told hubby my top 2 and he wouldn't respond. I questioned and he said he wanted to hear all on my list before commenting. Before he could say one way or the other, Hannah was quick to tell us the one she wanted. LOL! That seemed to solve it for him. I later asked her again what she wanted to name baby brother and she was pretty adament. Will she get her way? She usually does. :-) No middle name yet, though.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Strange Conversation

I hesitate to post, as I don't want to offend, and hope that I really misunderstood a recent conversation. However, I truly don't think I did and I'm quite shocked.

Last week, nurse Carol saw me crocheting. We talked about the foundation and about Emma. I showed her photos and the foundations website. She suggested that I contact the Patient Advocate here at the hospital as she is the one that coordinates donations to see if there is a need here. Carol thought that they had plenty of bereavement clothing but could use memory boxes. Later when Carol had a moment she went to the supply closet and brought me some samples to see, along with the card that they include with the disposable cameras. They supply the families that use a disposable camera to photograph their angel with a card to be given to the photo developer basically warning him/her that the photos are of a deceased infant and to please handle the film with extra special care. I thought that was a great idea.

Yesterday I contacted the Patient Advocate and had to leave a voice mail. I explained that I was a patient and run a non-profit and wondered if the hospital was in need.

A few hours later, she called me back. When I answered, she told her name and asked if she could help me. So, I once again explained why I was calling, but in more detail. This time I mentioned Carol. The P.A. interrupted saying that "She wasn't supposed to show me examples." I was dumbfounded and stumbled around, I think, for a moment. She then continued to explain that SHE has built the Volunteer Auxillary over the last 15 years and such. I then apologized in a round about way saying that if the hospital wasn't in need then that was great. We want to help where help is needed.

Then, she questioned how much I sold the items for. I was floored. As soon as she realized that I wasn't trying to sell bereavement items, she changed her tune immediately. Our conversation concluded with her saying that she and the social worker would come by my room next week.

Seriously, it was such a strange conversation. Do non-profits really try to sell items to hospitals? How was Carol kindly showing me what they use against the rules? Is this woman hung so hung up on what SHE has done for the last 15 years that she needs to be in control of everything?

In all seriousness, there are too many needs out there to try to donate here even if it's super convenient now. If they don't need items, that is wonderful. Why couldn't she just say that. I'll let you know how the meeting goes next week.

And, on a side note, the items that Carol showed me weren't the best I've seen by far. They were sewn (which you know I LOVE to sew), but the quality wasn't great. They were kimono style with a bonnet and blanket to match. I personally love the basic yoke dress for a girl. In addition, they were nothing compared to the beautiful yarn work many of you have displayed!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

I'm in!

Holy Smokes!! This is the first time I've been able to get into Blogger since Monday, 3/26/07. Last night it occurred to me to try to clear the temp internet files cache and apparently it worked! Well, something worked. :-)

I am in the hospital and have been since last monday, March 26th. I was having some tightening and decided to go to L&D to get checked out. Although I knew I wasn't having regular rythmn contractions, my cervix didn't need to ANY contractions pushing on it. Well, the tighteness calmed but I'm funnelled to the stitch. This means that the membranes are sitting right on the stitch. Upon exam, the lower portion of my cervix (the part dr's can feel) is soft and dilated. So, basically, all that is holding Baby Brother (nope, no name yet) is the stitch.

My peri put me on antibiotics immediately while waiting for the culture to come back. It took about 3 days and it was neg so the IV was removed. I've had no contractions and/or tightening since being admitted. She upped my ventolin and things seem to be working. And, I've gotten the betamethasone, steroid to help baby's lungs mature.

She is optimistic that we can make it a lot farther. In fact, if nothing drastic happens in the next couple of weeks, she will allow me to return home to bedrest. At 28 wks, a cervix tends to stabilize and survivability hits about 90%. I've read that at around 28 wks, baby is big enough to span out over the pelvic bone and such and not put all of it's weight right on the cervix.

I missed Hannah's birthday party last weekend. I will miss Easter this weekend and her birthday on the 11th. But, I keep reminding myself that we will have many more Easter's and birthdays and that we only have one shot at getting Baby Brother here safely!

I'm going to go now and look around at everyone's blogs. Boy, have I missed reading them!