Sunday, March 30, 2008

AVON Fundraiser

An internet friend of mine named Stacey, who is also a bereaved mom, is an AVON rep and has offered to donate all of her profits to Emmazing Grace from her internet orders now through April 15th. Her site is here if you would like to purchase something.

Be sure to chose DIRECT DELIVERY so that the products will be shipped to you.

Also, use the code REP10 for free shipping on orders over $10. Can't beat that!!

Finally, make sure you let me know if you order something so that I can tell her it's from one of the Emmazing Grace supporters.

I guess it's time to get some sunscreen and Skin So Soft. Mosquito season will be here before you know. And, although it seems we'll never have warm weather again, it's bound to get here eventually.

Thanks Stacey!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mugs in the Morning

Emmazing Grace made Mugs in the Morning today. Here's the link to 11Alive's site. It looks like a video of the broadcast will be uploaded later.
ETA: The video is now up. Click here to watch it. It's short and to the point, but that's how it is every morning.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Do you remember?

Do you remember the triplets that I made the tiny bereavement gowns for? My friend just told me that Michelle was admitted over the weekend with contractions and is on mag. Michelle is 30.5 weeks pregnant with twins this time. Please pray that she can keep the little ones in a bit longer. She gets her 2nd steroid shot for the babies' lungs tonight. If I remember correctly, the maximum benefit is 24 hours after the last shot, but don't quote me on that.

Bad News

Baby Hunter lost his fight for life last night. I just got the news from Kathy. I know my Em was up there welcoming him with open arms.

My deepest sympathy goes out to his family. I believe Kathy's original email said that they had already lost a 18 weeker. There are just some things that we will never understand. I have a lot to ask the man upstairs one day.

Monday, March 17, 2008

7 Satin Bonnets

These little bonnets were made over the weekend (between power outtages due to the tornados) and mailed to Teresa today. Teresa is a Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep photographer in Ohio. I sent her some little gowns last week from Emmazing Grace and she requested some satin bonnets to go along with them. I've had the privilege to view some of her photographs and they are just amazing. And, what a blessing the NILMDTS photographers are! I swear, she must be on the road non-stop to the hospital. In addition, I can't imagine seeing loss like that so frequently.

Editted: I just counted the bonnets in the above photo....ummmmm, there's only 6 bonnets. I wonder if the 7th one got mailed or is still in my sewing room somewhere. :-) Such is my life these days! Enjoy the giggle at my expense!

For Baby Hunter

These are a few things for Baby Hunter. This is a little friend of Kathy. He was born at 1 lbs 5 oz. Over the weekend, he contracted NEC, the same intestinal infection that Emma was unable to beat. He had the procedure to put a drain in his intestines. This is the same procedure that was being performed when Emma's heart stopped for the last time. I am fighting for little Hunter like you wouldn't believe. His little footprints have already left his mark on my heart.

I made a little blanket for him. I hope that he can at least lay on it if he can't be wrapped in it. I'm sure it will be quite a while before he can have things close to his skin. Micro-preemie's skin is so very delicate. You can actually see through it in the early days.

"Peanut" is the name of the elephant. I dug it out of some of EGF's things and thought it was so appropriately named for the little peanut that Hunter is. The journal is for Mom and Dad. I bought it a couple of weeks ago in the $1 bin at Michael's.

I tried a new applique stitch (for me) per Amy's encouraging. I did ok with it....could have been worse, could have been better. It's not as nice as Amy's strawberry for sure!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

SightWord HopScotch

Hannah's been giving me a hard time about her sight words. He teacher sent "congratulations" in the weekly newsletter to those that have learned them. Hannah isn't one of them. If she has to think for half a second, she says, "I don't know." or "What is it?" Today we got out and did hopscotch with them. When she jumped on one, she had to say the word. It took me some coaxing to get her to cooperate, but the only word that she would get hung up on was "are."

Btw, this is my good idea for the year. LOL!


I've never been to one of the big consignment sales. Last night was pre-sale shopping for consignors. It was NUTS!!! I got there about 5 mins before it opened and the line was out to the parking lot. Everyone had laundry baskets in their hands to carry the items around. Thankfully, I still had one in my car from when I dropped my items off on Monday night. It was madness. People were taking everything off the racks, moving to the corner, and sorting what they really wanted.

I spent $193. YIKES!!! But, didn't pay more that $6 or so per item....other than the Leapfrog Learning Table ($12) and the train table ($75). The train table was my frivolous purchase and I kind of wished I had not done it now. It's a big table with 6 bins underneath. There are some tracks with it, too. Hannah doesn't play with her trains anymore (although she may now that we have a table) and I could have waited a bit longer for Austin to be big enough.

I got a 6 pc Gymbo set that is like new. It's the yellow and green line, not sure the name of it. I may split it up and sale what I don't want. I also got a Hartstrings capri set, blue with strawberries. That's really the only namebrand things I was able to pick up. When checking out, I realized all the bathingsuits and nicer Easter dresses were on a rack up front. I'll do better next time now that I have a little more experience. LOL!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


166 items off to the church consignment sale. It was a bit sad to part with some of these things, but what am I going to do with it? No more babies for us so there's no need to keep it. I kept special items, although I really have no idea why I'm keeping every Christmas and Easter dress of Hannah's.
Last night (the 1st night of drop-off) there were TONS and TONS of items already. What a consumer driven world we live in!! I get to pre-sale shop on Wed night. Why buy new when there is prefectly good pre-owned clothing for a fraction of the price?
All this made me think of an article I recently read about what ends up in our landfills. By the way, today I called for a second recycling bin.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

NILMDTS was on the Today Show this morning. If you want to watch click here, but grab a tissue first. These photograohers do amazing work! I've been in touch with one in Ohio and her photos are breathtaking.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

EGF Happenings

Just wanted to do a quick advertisement for EGF again. Life has hit a crazy busy spurt again, so that explains the delay in posts. All is well, though, other than minor colds.

EGF is doing a Spring Donation Drive this month only. I know it's not technically spring yet, but ohhhhh how I want it to be. Requests from burial garments to financial assistance have really picked up. I'll have 1 prize drawing instead of 3 this time, but I'll make it good. :-)

Also, we are fundraising with mugs. Shipping charges are more than I would have liked, but isn't EVERYTHING getting more expensive these days.

Mugs are $8 + shipping.
Shipping is:

1-2 mugs = $6.25

3-4 mugs = $8

You can paypal to info@emmazinggracefoundation or send a check to Emmazing Grace Foundation4815 Tabby Stone DriveCumming, GA 30028

The mugs will also be submitted to the local NBC station that is advertising non-profits on their morning show. I hope me make the show!!

Gotta run....someone is waking from his morning nap.