Thursday, March 13, 2008


I've never been to one of the big consignment sales. Last night was pre-sale shopping for consignors. It was NUTS!!! I got there about 5 mins before it opened and the line was out to the parking lot. Everyone had laundry baskets in their hands to carry the items around. Thankfully, I still had one in my car from when I dropped my items off on Monday night. It was madness. People were taking everything off the racks, moving to the corner, and sorting what they really wanted.

I spent $193. YIKES!!! But, didn't pay more that $6 or so per item....other than the Leapfrog Learning Table ($12) and the train table ($75). The train table was my frivolous purchase and I kind of wished I had not done it now. It's a big table with 6 bins underneath. There are some tracks with it, too. Hannah doesn't play with her trains anymore (although she may now that we have a table) and I could have waited a bit longer for Austin to be big enough.

I got a 6 pc Gymbo set that is like new. It's the yellow and green line, not sure the name of it. I may split it up and sale what I don't want. I also got a Hartstrings capri set, blue with strawberries. That's really the only namebrand things I was able to pick up. When checking out, I realized all the bathingsuits and nicer Easter dresses were on a rack up front. I'll do better next time now that I have a little more experience. LOL!


Amy K. said...

You're a maniac!!!

kate said...

I think the train table is a great idea...i have been thinking of getting one but i don't want to pay the price. So you are lucky to get one used!!