Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Socks for Hannah

Hannah now has to wear SMO's. To hide the braces a bit, I've decorated some cuff socks for her to roll down over them. They are easy to do, once you realize that you need to stretch the sock while sewing on the lace or else you kiddo can't get them on her feet. LOL!
If you haven't seen Kathy's sock creations, jump on over. They are to die for! THANKS again, Kathy! Hannah LOVES them!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

EGF Need

With everything going on with Hannah and Austin being in the "terrible twos", I'm a bit behind on life in generally. This is why I rarely post anymore.

Recently, EGF has received two requests which has prompted me a "needs list." If you could stick the following items in your line-up for crafting, I would greatly appreciated it!

  • Solid white bereavement sets
  • Blankets - any size, any color
  • Extra small & small bereavement sets

We have several hospitals that only want the tiny sets as they have plenty of donations for the larger angels. Last week I received a request for just that from the hospital where Emma passed away. Annually I send something but I have never sent a lot since Emma was so beautifully dressed. They've now requested that they be on our regular list.

I've also received a request from a hospital in Ohio that services a predominately Amish population. Thus, solid white is requested. I have sent all of the solid white sets that I have. The bereavement coordinator sent me a link to some photos too. They are beautifully done!

As always, thanks a MILLION for all that you do for the families!!