Thursday, April 30, 2009


I've been leaving a message for the neuro's medical asst since last Friday. I've left 3 msg's to be exact. Today I decided to call Athena Labs to see if the Freidreich's Ataxia test is complete. Guess what? It is....BUT......

On April 9th, Athena sent Labcorp a authorization to release the results that had to be signed and returned to Athena. Labcorp did not sign it. I have now given Athena the neuro's fax to have him sign it.

But, once the authorization is faxed to Athena, Athena will fax the results to Labcorp who will then fax to the neuro.

I mean really........ the test is complete. Why can't the results be sent to the ordering neuro? Why the blankety-blank-blank does a gazillion faxes have to take place?

Anyone what to predict when we actually get the results?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Call off the Search Party

Ok, Ok....I know....been gone too long without posting. Thanks everyone for checking on us!!!

We're still waiting (quite impatiently, I might add) for Hannah's test results to come back. Monday was 2 weeks since the FA test and it should take 3-4 wks for the results. :-( She's had a few bad falls the last couple of weeks, too. Praying for results soon!!

She had a pediatric ophthalmology appointment and all is fine with her eyes. She was, however, EXTREMELY mad that they dilated her eyes. I couldn't talk sense into her AT ALL. She's also had another croup attack. I'm starting to wonder if we need to add a pulmonology appointment on top of everything else. The attacks really freak her out and even cried, "I'm gonna die" this time.

Besides all of that, we've been....

To the beach

Celebrated Easter

Started Ballet/Tap

Had Hannah's 6th Birthday Party

We've also done a good bit of yard work. We've planted peach trees, apple trees, a fig tree, grapes, 2 black berry bushes, and the garden. I'll take pictures later.

Next up is all the landscaping for the beds. We hope to do that in a couple of weeks.

I'm SUPER behind in just about everything....EGF stuff, taking down Easter decorations, laundry, and sending thanks to all that have sent Hannah well-wishes and b'day gifts, AND Easter presents for both kids. You guys are the GREATEST!!

Ok, I must close now. It's taken me probably 2 hours to post this. Austin's down for a quick nap so I need to try to catch up.

I'll let you know something when we hear something from Hannah's bloodwork.

Friday, April 03, 2009

8 Down

and 2 more vials of blood to go. Hannah did really well this morning. The lady was able to get all 8 vials of blood from Hannah. The Emla cream was WONDERFUL! Hannah freaked when it was her turn, but once stuck she said, "oh....that didn't even hurt." Monday is going to go so much better because she knows that she'll survive without hardly any pain.

In other news, both kids are now running a fever. Hannah had a croup attack Tues night. Austin had 103.1 temp this afternoon. I took them both to the ped since we're headed out of town for a week and wanted to make sure it's nothing but viral.

While there, I snuck a quick peek at the neuro's letter to the ped. :-) It was 2 pages long and I only scanned 1 paragraph. Basically it said that his primary concern was Freidreich's.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Friday & Monday

We're ready, but I'm not so sure that Hannah is. In the morning and again Monday morning, Hannah will have a total of 10 vials of blood drawn. The neurologist called in some Emla cream so maybe we can lessen the trauma. She HATES needles so this is a HUGE deal for her.

Tomorrow the tests with LabCorp will be drawn. These include many things like the basic CBC, cholesteral, amino acids, some tests for muscle enzymes, to name a few.

Monday is the genetic test for FA that has to be sent off to Athena. It will take several weeks to get back.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The phone rings at 12:15am and....

it's Hannah's neurologist. Holy Smokes!! First of all, I about jumped out of my skin and when I saw that it was a local number I thought that it was a wrong number......but, I answered anyway. IT WAS HANNAH'S NEUROLOGIST at 12:15am!!!!

I spent hours on the phone yesterday afternoon finding out that the only lab in the country that runs the Freidreich's Ataxia test is Athena AND they are (of course) out of network. The neuro's office is filing for a predetermination with UHC which could take up to 30 days. THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!

So......I called to find out that we have out-of-network coverage with a $800 deductible + 40%. Fine, ok.....we'll pay it. We have to have some answers.

Well.....Dr G is out of town with his Mom that just had bypass surgery. He was checking in with his office and wanted to make sure that we knew "in the world of managed care that if the ins cannot provide you with a name of someone that runs a particular test (which won't happen since Athena has this test patented) that they must honor it as in-network." He told me to sit tight, "that I know you want this done ASAP", but that we'll get coverage. Well.....I can't sit tight.

Jason is supposed to pick up the labwork prescription today. There are probably 15 different tests scheduled for Hannah, but only one with Athena. The rest are with LabCorp.