Friday, April 03, 2009

8 Down

and 2 more vials of blood to go. Hannah did really well this morning. The lady was able to get all 8 vials of blood from Hannah. The Emla cream was WONDERFUL! Hannah freaked when it was her turn, but once stuck she said, "oh....that didn't even hurt." Monday is going to go so much better because she knows that she'll survive without hardly any pain.

In other news, both kids are now running a fever. Hannah had a croup attack Tues night. Austin had 103.1 temp this afternoon. I took them both to the ped since we're headed out of town for a week and wanted to make sure it's nothing but viral.

While there, I snuck a quick peek at the neuro's letter to the ped. :-) It was 2 pages long and I only scanned 1 paragraph. Basically it said that his primary concern was Freidreich's.


Marcia said...

I'm so glad the cream worked well for her! What a little trooper she is.

Anonymous said...

Glad part of the ordeal is over and I hope your babies get to feeling better soon.I am still praying that it is not FA.
Blessings, Sarita

knitalittle said...

You have my prayers that it isn't FA. I'm not one for needles I may have to try that cream next time I have to have blood drawn. Best of luck fingers toes and eyes crossed for you hey it can't hurt :)

BusyLizzyMom said...

I just stumbled on your blog. My daughter has Ataxic symptoms and has been tested for every disorder that one can think of including FA (which the lab lost so we just had to retest and wait again). It is so hard not knowing what is going on with your child and even worse when the medical community does not even know. I hope you can find out soon what is happening with your daughter.