Tuesday, March 04, 2008

EGF Happenings

Just wanted to do a quick advertisement for EGF again. Life has hit a crazy busy spurt again, so that explains the delay in posts. All is well, though, other than minor colds.

EGF is doing a Spring Donation Drive this month only. I know it's not technically spring yet, but ohhhhh how I want it to be. Requests from burial garments to financial assistance have really picked up. I'll have 1 prize drawing instead of 3 this time, but I'll make it good. :-)

Also, we are fundraising with mugs. Shipping charges are more than I would have liked, but isn't EVERYTHING getting more expensive these days.

Mugs are $8 + shipping.
Shipping is:

1-2 mugs = $6.25

3-4 mugs = $8

You can paypal to info@emmazinggracefoundation or send a check to Emmazing Grace Foundation4815 Tabby Stone DriveCumming, GA 30028

The mugs will also be submitted to the local NBC station that is advertising non-profits on their morning show. I hope me make the show!!

Gotta run....someone is waking from his morning nap.


Wool Winder said...

I hope the spring drive is a success.

kate said...

is it .org for the email address?

Candy said...

Yes, it's .org, but I see you already got paypal to work. Thanks so much, Catherine for the purchase and donation!! Btw, when I switched to my new template I lost my blogroll. The other day I tried to figure out your blog address. Glad you posted so I can have it again...although, I guess I could have searched through old posts and found it again.