Thursday, April 05, 2007

I'm in!

Holy Smokes!! This is the first time I've been able to get into Blogger since Monday, 3/26/07. Last night it occurred to me to try to clear the temp internet files cache and apparently it worked! Well, something worked. :-)

I am in the hospital and have been since last monday, March 26th. I was having some tightening and decided to go to L&D to get checked out. Although I knew I wasn't having regular rythmn contractions, my cervix didn't need to ANY contractions pushing on it. Well, the tighteness calmed but I'm funnelled to the stitch. This means that the membranes are sitting right on the stitch. Upon exam, the lower portion of my cervix (the part dr's can feel) is soft and dilated. So, basically, all that is holding Baby Brother (nope, no name yet) is the stitch.

My peri put me on antibiotics immediately while waiting for the culture to come back. It took about 3 days and it was neg so the IV was removed. I've had no contractions and/or tightening since being admitted. She upped my ventolin and things seem to be working. And, I've gotten the betamethasone, steroid to help baby's lungs mature.

She is optimistic that we can make it a lot farther. In fact, if nothing drastic happens in the next couple of weeks, she will allow me to return home to bedrest. At 28 wks, a cervix tends to stabilize and survivability hits about 90%. I've read that at around 28 wks, baby is big enough to span out over the pelvic bone and such and not put all of it's weight right on the cervix.

I missed Hannah's birthday party last weekend. I will miss Easter this weekend and her birthday on the 11th. But, I keep reminding myself that we will have many more Easter's and birthdays and that we only have one shot at getting Baby Brother here safely!

I'm going to go now and look around at everyone's blogs. Boy, have I missed reading them!


Mama Bear said...

SO good to see you post! I have barely been online but do check your blog regularly to keep up on little brother :) Sorry about the hospital stay, but praying that this little one stays put awhile longer.

Cheryl said...

Glad to see you back and able to post! Thank you for saying how you were able to get back in. I have been trying to access Knitting Pattern Central for a few weeks and couldn't get to their website at all. Cleaning out the temp files did the trick -- so thank you!

I will be praying that you will be able to go home soon and be with your family. I can't imagine being in the hospital and away from my family for so long and how hard that must be on you. Prayers that "baby brother" grows big and strong!

Wool Winder said...

A boy. How exciting! Is Hannah allowed to visit you? I know you must be missing her terribly. So glad to hear you've been stable ever since you entered the hospital. That's very good news.

Anne K. said...

Hi, Candy, so glad for the update - and sounds like you're right where you (and the baby) need to be right now. Thinking of you daily and am so glad you're stable - hang in there!!!!

Marcia said...

Sending many good thoughts and such your way!