Wednesday, July 18, 2007

One Month Left

Just letting all of you in "Blogland" know that there's only a month (well, technically less than a month now) left in the 2nd Annual Remembering Emma Grace Donation Drive. Of course, we'll always accept donations, but if you want in on the drawing you'll need to enter now. I've come up with a few more ideas for prizes, too, but I'll keep them secret for now.

My sister met with her local hospital today. A week or so ago the florist that she works for donated flowers for a baby that was stillborn. She found out through the funeral home that they had nothing to dress the baby in. I sent 4 outfits home with Mom last week and suggested that she contact the local hospital. She did so today and I look forward to hearing from the hospital personnel regarding their needs. They currently have no bereavement clothing.

I've put about 10 donation receipts in the mail in the last couple of days. If you're due for one and don't receive it, please let me know. With the chaos of life at the moment, I've accidently skipped over you.

Thank you all.....Kathy, Nancy, Allyson, Sharon, Denise, and Amy....for recently donating. Photos of their donations are in the slide on the right. Please forgive me for not uploading pictures here. I'm running short on time these days. If you see anything and want links to patterns, just let me know and I'll track them down for your. :-)

Hope everyone is doing well!


Wool Winder said...

Those outfits are gorgeous! I had good intentions of making a bereavement set or two for this donation drive, but it looks like I may not get to it before the deadline. I'll send them in whenever they are done, even if it's later than I wanted.

HAINAngel2000 said...