Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fun in the Sun!!

We just returned from a week long trip to Navarre Beach, FL. We have a condo down there and haven't been since July 4, 2006. As usual, it was breathtakenly beautiful and since the beach renourishment post Ivan and Dennis there were beautiful sandbars for the kids to play on.

I love the utter excitement in Hannah as she plays in the water.

And, Little Man as he soaks up some rays. Actually this photo was taken at about 8:30am and he still wouldn't open his eyes.
Lastly and always....remembering Emma Grace


tammy said...

looks like ya'll had a great time! good for you!

Wool Winder said...

Florida beaches are so pretty. A week at the beach sounds wonderful! Love the photos of the kids.

bevq said...

I can almost feel the waves and hear them roll. Lovely pix, really lovely! Your children are beautiful.


Marcia said...

Thank looks like great fun. What a handsome little guy you have there :) Congratulations (late!).

Remembering Emma here too. I've been thinking about her the last few days. I didn't know her but she's touched me.