Thursday, December 13, 2007

John Deere

Finally, Austin has a bedding set and finally, I'm posting about it. :-) The kids and I stayed an extra few days at my mom's house after Thanksgiving. She tended to them while I sewed non-stop for 2 days. I discovered a few things about my love of sewing...
1 - I don't like 2 day sewing marathons.
2 - I LOVE my machine. Like a dork, I ended up leaving my petal and electrical plug and had to use one of mom's neighbor's machines. My mom's machine is ancient and my grandmother's is hooked into a cabinet. Anyway, if I re-threaded the needle once I did it 100 times. Talk about frustration!
I'm not completely happy with the end result. The bumper pad is a bit too long. Since I couldn't talk mom into keeping the kids here at my house, I didn't realize that and just followed the pattern. The bumper is made as 6 pillows. I guess it will be easy enough (if only I could find the time) to shorten them.
The other issue is that the center of the bed isn't a slat, but is the space between slats. If you look at the ties, I've had to tie the top to one slat and the bottom to another in the center of the bed.
All of this isn't really a safety issue right now since Austin still sleeps in her carseat at night due to his reflux. But, I hope to transition him to laying flat after Christmas, so I'll have to fix this in January.
Hope everyone is healthy, happy, and having a wonderful holiday season. We are all doing great, but my computer time is limited these days. Austin's 20 min naps are kicking my rump. :-) Thankfully, though, he sleeps well at night!!
Btw, I didn't make the pillow. It was a gift. Isn't it cute?!?!?!


Wool Winder said...

It looks great! You'll work out the kinks before long.