Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Jason's grandmother used to quilt A LOT. Her health has recently taken a turn for the worst and Jason's aunt that lives about an hour from us cleaned out Nanny's fabric stash. I have now inherited the above. If you see any of if that you could use to make EGF stuff, please let me know. I'll GLADLY share.

Here are a few quilts that Aunt Grayce made for EGF out of some of Nanny's fabric, and some that she already had. Aunt Grayce has an AWESOME sewing room set up in her basement with a wall full of color-coated fabric.


Catherine said...

I have light yellow and light blue flannel that I use to back easy little crib blankets. I haven't made any in a while because of the lack of money to buy top fabrics. If you've got anything that would work, I'd gladly make them and donate them.