Friday, December 01, 2006

Long time, No see

Wow! Where do I start? We made our whirlwind trip home for Turkey Day and boy was it a mess. It included with my husband's grandmother being hospitalized, my car giving us trouble, a 12 hour trip home, and a sick husband and child. My husband either had food poison or a stomach bug beginning about 4:30 Monday morning. Hannah got sick Sat night and we were up all night with her. By Monday she had a temp of 105. Pediatrician called it viral and sent us home. Thankfully, by Tuesday my husband was better. By Wed when Hannah wasn't better and still running a temp of 103, I took her back to the dr.....ear infection. Great! She's already had 1 set of tubes. She's still coughing like mad, but did not run a fever today!!! Maybe she's on the mend.

As for crafting, not much to report. Here is a gown that I made the hospital that I posted about a few posts below. Forgive me for not creating links, but time is short. The pattern came from CareWear and I have been wanting to try it for a while.

A friend of mine, Fraun, made these precious caps and donated the disposable cameras to the Emmazing Grace Foundation. This is her first knitting project. I think she did a GREAT job.

These last 2 photos are of donations I'm getting out tomorrow. The bereavement items are for the hospital in need and the hats, booties, and cameras are for Birmingham Children's Hospital. As always, Sue pitched in and did a great job!

And, I can't live my sister out. She picked up some booties and some iron-on appliques for the foundation. She's also trying her hand a loom knitting. Don't pull so tight!! :-)

I can't remember if I've blogged about the 501(c)3 papers or not, so here it goes. A few weeks ago, I filed the Form 1023 to the IRS for tax-exemption. It will take a while to hear back from them. However, as long as I notify donors that it has been filed and we are awaiting word I can receive donations. Assuming that it will be approved, tax-exempt status is retroactive to date of incorporation. It sounds like we're on our way!!! My plan is to thank donors now and once the application is approved I'll send an official receipt for tax-exemption.


Anonymous said...

No wonder we haven't heard from you in a while. Hope everyone is feeling better now. I will see what I can do about getting a bereavement set knitted up.

Anne K. said...

Hope Hannah is better, Candy! The new things are precious. Love the little vest on the gown - like Tracy, I've often noticed that bereavement sets are often "girly" and the little fellas need something of their own. Thanks for a great example.