Saturday, March 10, 2007


Am I the only one that has difficulty coming up with post titles?? I'm not really a "words" person anyway. Throw some numbers at me and I'm a-ok, but don't make me spell.

Anyhoo, hubby and Hannah have headed to the airport to pick up Mom. She wanted to come out last weekend, but was afraid that I would be hospitalized this week and wanted to save her trip for a time we most needed her. But, since I'm still at home, she couldn't resist. I'll send some of the yarn that Frauntene donated back with her.

When I logged on this morning, I saw Marcia's BEAUTIFUL gown she's sending to Amy in Idaho. Marcia, thank you so very much not only for the gown set, but for remembering my Emma Grace. It's gorgeous and once again, I'm jealous that I won't get to see it in person. Send it on to Idaho, though, because that's most important. I'll let Amy know that it's headed her way.

Amy is turning out to be a very good friend and is joining efforts with the Emmazing Grace Foundation. She has contacted Bingham Memorial and they are in extreme need also. The RN that she spoke with says that most often they wrap babies in cloths and tie a ribbon around them. This breaks my heart. How thankful that I am to have our worlds collide so that we can assist bereaved families in Idaho!

Amy and I are going to do our very best to let all that are donating know when their package arrives and issue a tax-exempt receipt. If we miss you, please don't hesitate to let me know. The response to my request has been incredible! We plan to add the Idaho hospitals to our on-going donation sites. Another reader that is originally from Idaho Falls has contacted me. She lives in Boise now, but would like to join our efforts. With her helping Amy, I think we can make this successful.

Lastly, I'd like to post the link to the EGF's MSN group. After I was constantly sending photos and links to patterns to Amy, she volunteered to create it. :-) She and I worked on it almost all day yesterday and it's far from complete, but you know I'm never patient enough to wait to share. It will be a great place to keep the foundation's news and updates current. I try to do it here, but when the MSN group takes off, I can make those types of posts there instead of here and they'll be linked to the Emmazing Grace Foundation's main website.

Thanks again to all of you that have so generously donated and supported me and the Emmazing Grace Foundation!!