Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Urgent Need

I just met a woman online, Amy. Amy is in the hospital with an incompetent cervix. She has learned to knit and puts together kits, which includes disposable cameras and stuffed animals, for her hospital. Her hospital is very low on supplies. They need:
1 - Buntings/wraps for babies too small to dress. They only have 2 at this moment.
2 - Hats, booties, and blankets for fullterm babies. They have a lot of low income families that deliver there with nothing for their baby.
3 - Just about anything else. :-)

Items can be sent to her home address and her husband delivers them when he visits her at the hospital. Her address is:
Amy Dutton
2125 Alan St. #3
Idaho Falls, ID 83404

We'll be sending what we have this week. Since we just made a donation, we don't have much, though.

Thanks Ya'll!!


HAINAngel2000 said...

your welcome to also post this on HAIN if you would like out help as well. Thanks!! Mary

Frauntene said...


I have a few preemie hat attempts that are full term size I can send her. I also think I have some blankets from Will that I never cut the tags off I can donate as well. Will do this week, probably tomorrow.

Thanks for posting this.


Amyizmyname said...

Thanks so much Candy! Twins were born last night that needed the last two pouches. I made a couple more but we can still use anything and everything we can get.


Candy said...

Frauntene, no horticulturist, but bored as all get out. LOL! And, watching the seasons change as I'm stuck in bed.

Anne K. said...

Candy, thanks for posting about this. I have a few little things I can send Amy this weekend.

Mama Bear said...

I have a few things I can send. You can also post this on lucybug if you would like.

Marcia said...

I have a bereavement set to send.