Friday, May 11, 2007

Update on Baby Brother

Let's see if I can post a short version starting of where I left off a month ago. YIKES!! Plans were if all went well, I'd be released at 28 weeks. Things were going great, other than the gestational diabetes diagnosis, and my peri wrote out discharge papers to be used the following day after a quick ultrasound.

That night "Baby Brother" had a pretty big deceleration in his heartrate. It freaked me out. The nurse came flying in my room telling me to roll over as she was simultaneously turning up the volume on the monitor. I was sleeping. The following day my peri scanned me to find the little guy (now known as Austin) breech with the cord around his neck AND low amniotic fluid. He was probably compressing his cord. I wasn't going home any time soon as long as he continued to have decels.

Two weeks later which was last Sunday, she scanned me again and Austin had moved head down with no cord issues. Fluid level was still on the low side but not dropping any further. He hasn't had any more decels since then. He was estimated at 3 lbs 3 oz. The stitch is still holding pretty well. The top one is a little bit loose. When she pressed on my belly, it opened a bit, but the bottom one is solid.

So, today I was released on day 46 of a much too long hospital stay. I am 31w2d and now peri says we're shooting for 36 wks. After a battle with the insurance company, I'm getting home uterine monitoring twice a day and NSTs twice a week. They weren't wanting to cover the home uterine monitoring. There policy is that you have to be pregnant with triplets or more or be a terbutaline pump. Craziness, I tell ya!!

I haven't done much crocheting. I'll post some pictures tomorrow. Basically, I am just too weak now to hold up my arms. A quick shower leaves me winded.

Hope all of you are doing GREAT and I look forward to seeing what all I've missed.


Wool Winder said...

I'm glad you're home and Austin is doing well. Forty-six days in the hospital must have seemed like an eternity! Enjoy all the hugs from your daughter. Cheering you on and praying for your health and Austin's.

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kate said...

I'm so glad you are home and Austin is doing well! ((((((hugs))))))