Sunday, April 06, 2008

And the winner is....

Congratulations go out to Sharon R. She is the winner of drawing for participation in the Emmazing Grace Spring Mini-Donation Drive. Special thanks to ALL that donated: Emily, Nancy, Sharon, Allyson, Kathy, Rebecca, Ashley, Tina, Monique, Larissa, Catherine, Jeanine, Brandy, Amy B, Amy D, Kenneth, and Nina & Rodney.

As alway, my lovely assistant drew the winning name. Please excuse her attire. She is muli-talented and had to be pulled from her painting duties downstairs with her Dad to assist in the drawing. :-)

And, the blind drawing was performed...

Sharon R will be receiving the lovely basket full of various yarns and a couple of Bath & Bodyworks lotions. Sharon donated so much that when Hannah wasn't satisfied with just one drawing, she kept on drawing names. "Mom, why is it always Sharon?"

Thanks again everyone!! As I've said a gazillion times, Emmazing Grace wouldn't exist without all of your SUPER support!


knitalittle said...

Oh my gosh your little one is growing up so fast and look at the big sister. Can't tell you how good it is to see such wide smiles. Okay it made me smile from ear to ear. So glad to catch up with you.