Monday, April 28, 2008

Disney World - Day 1

Animal Kingdom: By 7:20 tonight I am sitting on the deck having a drink and both kids are sound asleep!! Hannah fell asleep on the ride back to the condo and we dumped her in bed filthy. lol!

Both kids did AMAZING today at Animal Kingdom! After yesterday's drive & Austin's SCREAMING fit that last nearly 7 hours, I was so very worried. He ran a 102.5 temp on Sat and has a snotty nose now. Today was practically perfect, though. We missed the water ride (Kali Rapids or whatever it's called). We FASTPASSED it and when we returned to ride it it closed within a minute of us walking up the aisle. In fact, I was there in time, but Jason went to FASTPASS Mt. Everest and I was waiting on him. Oh well, next time!

So far so good!!! I purchased tickets this morning in the lobby of the condo. The guy gave me 5 days instead of the 3 days that I had purchased. So....we have decided to skip Sea World tomorrow and do Magic Kingdom on Tues & Wed. This might allow us to go later on Wed, have lunch with Cinderella, and then stay for the fireworks. We'll see how it goes.

Since my laptop is dead (died on Thurs), I can't post pics. Plus, now that I know a little more about how the parks operate, I want to have our strategy planned out for tomorrow. Btw, the Baby Stations are AWESOME!!

Take care everyone!


Beth said...

Glad to hear Day 1 went so well. Can't wait to hear about MK and Cinderella.