Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Austin!

What a truly incredible year it has been! All those long, horrible months on bedrest are a distant memory. Austin has been a wonderful addition to our family, a dream come true. One year ago today, our little miracle was born weighing 6 lbs 5 oz. He had a bit of breathing problems at first and spent the night in the NICU.

At 12 days old, he had a little "episode" that we now believe was something called Sandifer's Syndrome. He refluxed up and began to choke. With Sandifer's, baby goes stiff. After a gazillion tests, nothing was found.

He was slow to gain weight at first, but once he caught on he took off. We nicknamed him "Hubba Bubba".

Although he's not walking yet, he's into EVERYTHING. And, boy oh boy, is he FAST. He has the quirky half crawl/half monkey skoot that serves him well. Baby gates are going up and cabinet locks are being installed.

He has an adorably funny personality. He already knows how to get your attention. Daddy has been wanting to see one of his belly tantrums and started laughing at him to try to encourage it. Now, anytime Austin wants your attention he flops on his belly and kicks his legs...all the while laughing at himself.

I love you more than the world, Austin! Happy First Birthday, Bubby!


kathy said...


Wool Winder said...

Don't forget to lock up the toilet paper. That picture is too cute. Happy Birthday, Austin!

Jenny said...

Happy birthday, Austin!

Candy, what great pictures!

nocton4 said...

Happy Birthday sweetie.
Happy Birthing Day to your wonderful Mama too.
all our love your friends in the UK

Denise & Co xxx

Beth said...

HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY BIG BOY! I know he is as sweet as he is cute. Please post cake-eating pictures. =-)

kate said...

Happy Birthday Austin!!! He is SO cute!