Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Turnip Greens

I have so many photos to post and will try to do them a little at a time. My computer is FINALLY back up and running. It's been a mess, though, complete with a lost key code for Microsoft Office. The laptop was purchased by Jason when I went on bedrest. He had Best Buy set it up, paid them extra, of course. Once we found all of the disks in a box labelled "pots", I took the computer back to Best Buy to have them restore it and install my software. Welllll.....when I went to pick it up, they told me there was no key code in the Office CD case.

Yesterday, I finally got around to calling Microsoft who confirmed that I did indeed have a legal retail copy of Office and would issue me a new key code for $10. No problem, here's my credit card info..... silence, dead silence.... Thanks AT&T, yet another dropped call! Interesting how I didn't have this issue with my TX number, but a few months ago once I FINALLY got around to getting a GA number, dropped calls are happening left and right....although I thought I was testing out the service by keeping the TX number before committing to another 2 year contract.

So, I grab Jason's phone and call Microsoft back....and go through the whole story again to once again confirm that I have a legal retail copy and that I need to pay them $10. Yep, got that. As I start to read out the numbers, the customer service rep says that their system is down and that they cannot process credit cards at this moment. Ha! Ha! Microsoft's system is down!! But, she'll issue me one anyway....FOR FREE. How kind of them! ;-)

Long story to say....I'm back on line and ready to talk about TURNIPS. You thought I forgot, didn't you?

A couple weeks ago, we picked 2 square feet of turnips. I don't like turnips, but Jason said they were really good. I guess we'll be doing more in the fall and try to stagger the plantings. 1 square foot was enough for a batch for Jason.

I'll take the peas (not from our garden) and cornbread, though. That's a banana pepper of ours in the peas.


Wool Winder said...

Everything tastes better straight from the garden, even turnip greens.

Amy K. said...

MY garden is the pits right now. I am having huge problems with watering and who knos what else:-)