Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I have a hodgepodge of topics for the day! I'm going on a Mommy Get-A-Way with 22 mom's tomorrow for the entire weekend, but wanted to get a post before leaving.

I finished my 2nd smocked gown yesterday. I'm not going to get the set completed with the bonnet and blanket before I leave, but will go ahead and get this in the mail to Mom. She and Sue are talking to another group of church ladies on Wed. I want her to have this as a show and tell.

I'm not entirely happy with the neckline. I think I'll email Nancy when I return and she if she can give me some tips. She's an awesome seamstress and I'm sure she can set me on the right track. The neckline looks kind a big mouth bass or something. LOL!

I've been busy looming a few hats as you can tell. I also completed one for the Dulaan Project. I think this is going to be about a 2T size because it's a bit too small for Hannah.

And, yesterday I received the Handprint Quilts book by Martha Layton. Cheryl suggested it to me and it's WONDERFUL. It includes sooooooo many cute ideas. I think I have some gift giving in mind, too, once I finish the silent auction quilt. Thanks, Cheryl!

Ok, gotta run and get packing! Have a great weekend everyone!


Cheryl said...

You do such beautiful work! Have fun on your vacation and enjoy your new book :-)

Marcia said...

have a great weekend! This gown is lovely too . :)

Mama Bear said...

The gown is SOOO lovely! The hat looks like great fun. It's great that your mom is so involved.

Wool Winder said...

I love the little gown and hats. Have a great trip.