Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Traveling and Rambling

I had a GREAT time on my Mommy Get-A-Way. I have not laughed that hard in ages, certainly not in the last 1.5 years. Hannah and I found last minute tickets for cheap so we're flying home this weekend. All this travelling doesn't leave much time for charity sewing, though. I did, however, get 3 or 4 hats loomed last weekend.

Mom and Sue met with another group of ladies from a local church this morning. The brief report that I received was that several seemed interested. I can't wait to see Sue's buntings and Shirley's gowns. I'll take some pictures when I'm home and post them. Mom said that a few of the buntings were really tiny. Sue, if you're reading, babies come in all sizes. I had to remind Mom that if Emma had been born at 21 weeks when I first entered the hospital she was estimated to weigh a very tiny 12 ounces. It seems to me that many babies are lost in that 19-21 week stage. They deserve to be dressed, too.

The Emmazing Grace Foundation is moving along. The Articles of Incorporation has been filed in the county courthouse. They will now be sent to the Sec of State. After that, the 501(c)3 papers must be completed and filed with the IRS. It will take some time to get them processed.

I began working on a website, but I'm having difficulty getting it published. I'm not sure what the problem is other than my old computer. The help line can't help. In the 2 hours I spent trying to get it published somehow under their direction I've messed up the index page of the site. I'm too aggravated to work with it anymore right now.


HAINAngel2000 said...

With our experiance of filing for the 501c they have to wait until 8 full months after applying for the incorperarion papers to then apply for the 501 papers. I coan give them some tips on how to get the governement to view their paper work early and process it right away. If they needed help that is. Anyway its always nice to see another charity start really sprouting their wings!! YEAH for them!!

Candy said...

Thanks, Mary! I've hired an attorney (which took 3 months before he sent me papers to sign) and an accountant that is volunteering his time to work on this. They have both set up numerous non-profits. I thought about trying to do it all myself, but decided it was best to find someone that had experience so that it would be done correctly the first time.

Mama Bear said...

It sounds like a great trip all around! Best wishes with getting the foundation up and running.

Wool Winder said...

Glad to hear that you had such a good time. Hope you have good weather for your trip home.