Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Beautiful Day!!

It's a beautiful day here with a high predicted of 79F. And, I'm stuck here in bed. If I didn't want to get up I'd post a picture of the pine trees out my 2nd story window. Ok, ok, just allow me to whine a moment and I'll be fine. :-) Today is 20 weeks, with only 20 more to go. Tomorrow is 7 weeks on bedrest with several weeks of house arrest prior to that. I am truly thankful for still being pregnant, so please don't think otherwise!

I need some advice.
1 - A good friend of mine learned to knit a few months ago. She wants to do something for the Emmazing Grace Foundation. Do you have a suggestion to some easy knitting patterns, hats and gowns? I sent her a bunch of links, but I think she's a bit overwhelmed. :-)

2 - I'd like to purchase some yarn on-line for Sue, the sweet lady back home that crochets and regularly donates to the foundation. We finally have a few dollars in the bank and would like to give her a few supplies. Any baby yarn suggestions? has free shipping right now for orders over $35.

Wool Windings, if you're reading, I love the Caron Baby Sport that you suggested. I'm not sure if I thanked you for the suggestion or not.

As for crocheting myself, there's not much to report. My attention span has been practically nil. I will crochet a row or two, surf the net, flip the channels, read a chapter, do some sudoku, and then start all over. I can't seem to get it together enough to do anything for any length of time. Eating isn't even fun anymore. LOL!


Anne K. said...

Hey, Candy! Congrats for reaching the 20-week milestone - a great achievement!

For your knitting friend, I think any of the preemie patterns link off of the Wool Windings blog are terrific ... I've just started Jenny's Gown and it's so darling (although I don't think anybody's work ever looks as good as Tracy's!!!!)

You might suggest that she stick with tiny blankets for awhile, and experiment using dishcloth patterns. There are plenty of those online as well, but it's also easy to find Leisure Arts pattern books for them at Michael's and elsewhere. The textures are often quite beautiful when done in soft baby yarn on small needles. (I like Bernat Softee baby yarn). She can just increase the stitch count for more pattern repeats.

OK, back to work for me...take care!

Wool Winder said...

Staying in bed for that long is a hard thing to do. It's no wonder you are stir crazy. I'll email you some links for knitting patterns for your friend.

Anonymous said...

Hey, keep up the hard work, resting. You have no interest b/c you're bored! Go web searching and find something you'd never do in a million years, like wood working,
oragami, or organic gardening. Congrats on the 20 and many more!