Monday, February 26, 2007

A couple bits of news

Just got in from the perinatologist. It wasn't such a good appt. I have a great big funnel. She doesn't give measurements, but eyeballing it I'd say about 2/3's of the cervix above the stitch is funnelled. By this I mean, it's open/effaced. I go back next week. She said when the funnel hits the stitch, I'm in the hospital without bathroom privileges. Everything below the stitch is closed, thankfully, and it appears to be doing it's job.

She drew pictures for me because I was questioning where exactly the stitch is. I've read of stitches too low, etc, and just needed some reassurance. I, thankfully, have a high stitch. She aims to put it where bladder meets vaginal wall. But, judging by the u/s, it's actually a bit above the bottom of the bladder. Gosh, is that too much info?? :-)

I questioned her about the cramping that I have every couple of days. It's not contraction (i.e. tightening), but more like an achey pms feeling low about level with my c/s scar. I was hoping that she'd say it was my fibroid. She disagrees and says it's my uterus acting up. I go back in one week. Friday is the day that all went bad with Emma.

It's getting scary now!!! Prayers please!

In GREAT news, the Emmazing Grace Foundation is offically tax-exempt. Mom called after I got home from the dr to tell me that the letter FINALLY arrived. I'm soooo glad to hear this, but have to admit that today is one filled with mixed emotions.

For all of you that have so generously donated since we were incorporated in Nov, I will get tax receipts out as soon as I can. Mom said that the letter detailed some requirements, so I'll wait to see it first.


HAINAngel2000 said...

YEAH!! This is exciting news, don't get to excited though. How far along are you Candy? My prayers are headed your way! Love you girl, take it easy. God has perfect timing and being patient my just be what you are to do now. I love you Mary

kate said...

((((hugs)))) to you. Bathroom privileges are one thing, but they give you internet privileges right? ;) j/k

I am glad that your stitch is well-placed and that it is doing it's job. Sending you lots of prayers and good thoughts! Stay in there, baby!!

Marcia said...

Praying, Candy!

Anne K. said...

Prayers coming your way, today and every day!

Wool Winder said...

You are in my prayers and your husband too, because I know this is hard for him also.

Anonymous said...

If you worry about it, you will make it come true your self. What you need to do now is, to self visualize. Yes, dont laugh. Now that you have the pic, everyday, allow your self to envision a soft serene setting, and each day, what your insides should look like. each time you worry, picture each day til the baby is born, perfect and how perfect they baby is. It's VERY, VERY, important to think the right way. According to Oprah and her 'the secret' we pull to us what we think--think, most about. This means if you think about nothing but worry for loosing the baby, that is what you will bring to you. If you think of your insides changing, the right way, each day, and how the baby grows each month to perfection, that is what will happen. DO IT NOW! The results will surprise you! and your dr. visit will got perfect!cyndie

Candy said...

Thanks everyone for the continued prayers and support!!! Surely, I can hold out like this at home for a few more weeks. I mean, I spent a month at 3 cm with Emma. It's so disheartening though to be on complete bedrest since 1/4 and still funelling like this. (HUGS)

minotte's notes said...

hi there, i thought of your today and i also remember my bedrest with my youngest. i know how frustrating it is when at one point or another, many were envious of my obligated "vacation."

but we both know, it's no fun.

i found a link called etsy, where crafters buy and sell their wares. it's so interesting. maybe you can post your stuff there.

i hope it distracts and cheers you up a bit! best regards!

Cheryl said...

Hang in there, girl --- Prayers are still heading your way. Great news about the Emmazing Grace Foundation!
(((((Gentle Hugs)))))

Mama Bear said...

My computer is out for repair, but I am checking in on a family members computer and keeping you and yours in my prayers!

kathy said...