Sunday, February 11, 2007

Purple and White

I finally finished this purple and white bereavement gown. I think I like it best of all so far. The bottom purple "ruffle" is back loop only to make it look like a ruffle. I wonder if I'm a little tight on my crochet. It's that or either the yarn that I'm using. I have some 3 ply Caron Baby Sport ordered.

I would like to extend a public thank you to Anne for the beautiful gown she donated to the Emmazing Grace Foundation. Mom received it last week and I can really tell that she's enjoying seeing all the items. She calls me with the most excitement in her voice and is just amazed at the kindness and generosity of so many of you out there.

Mom is mailing the current donation tomorrow to the Huntsville Hospital. It includes:
3 gowns, 2 gown set, 6 sacks, 2 pouches, 17 caps, 2 booties, 12 blankets, 1 bunting and 3 wraps. I won't have a picture until Mom can take one, have the film developed, sister scan it and then email it to me. :-)

I think next up for me is to try Aunt B's Angel Wrap.


Amy said...

Wow Candy, you certainly are busy. The purple gown is beautiful. They are certainly getting prettier and prettier as you go ang get better. Hopefully I can pick it up as quick. My first attempt years back was a mess. Keep up the good work!Great job!

Wool Winder said...

This gown is so beautiful! No one would ever know you only just learned to crochet.

Frauntene said...

Candy! I LOVE that gown, it is really beasutiful. And i too can't believe you just learned to crochet, you have a talent for it for certain! I really like that color of purple.


Mama Bear said...

Beautiful work! It's a lovely gown.

kate said...

Hi, i just found your blog and want to say that is just beautiful! You just learned to crochet? No way!

I am sorry that your daughter Emma died...i assume that is her in the picture? She is a beautiful baby.

And congrats on your current pregnancy, how far along are you? I guess i could search your archive and learn...oy i am too lazy lol.

Candy said...

Welcome, Kate! Headed to check out your blog now.

To all others, continued thanks for reading. :-)