Thursday, April 30, 2009


I've been leaving a message for the neuro's medical asst since last Friday. I've left 3 msg's to be exact. Today I decided to call Athena Labs to see if the Freidreich's Ataxia test is complete. Guess what? It is....BUT......

On April 9th, Athena sent Labcorp a authorization to release the results that had to be signed and returned to Athena. Labcorp did not sign it. I have now given Athena the neuro's fax to have him sign it.

But, once the authorization is faxed to Athena, Athena will fax the results to Labcorp who will then fax to the neuro.

I mean really........ the test is complete. Why can't the results be sent to the ordering neuro? Why the blankety-blank-blank does a gazillion faxes have to take place?

Anyone what to predict when we actually get the results?


knitalittle said...

My fingers are crossed and your family is in my prayers. I wish it was better for you. Do they know a family is waiting???????? Hope you know soon.