Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I've had my mind on the teeny tiny babies lately. I'm not sure why, maybe because Em was so tiny. I've made 2 little bereavement gowns, one pink and one blue.

It's a neat little pattern. Everything that appears to be a seam (except for the side seams) are actually reverse pin tucks. My only issue is with the neckline. I can't quite understand the instructions. So, I did the little blue one like I think the instructions are telling me with interfacing. I'm afraid the neckline is going to be too small.

With the girl one I did it with some bias binding. I think I like this one better.

I'm going to tie a little bow at the center neckline and use either a cross charm or a "made for an angel" charm. I'll also do little blankets and a bonnet to go with each.

And, I'm working on some smocking ones. Here's how the first one is going. I'm using the raglan sleeve pattern by Ginger Snaps Designs and the smocking design off of SAGA's Wee-Care Program.