Friday, July 14, 2006

Danielle's Donations

The following was supposed to be in the below post, but it wouldn't work. I wonder if there's a limit on the amount of space for each post...anyway.....

And, Danielle sent some journals, pens, and memory stones in memory of her beautiful Kayla, another precious angel taken too soon. I have to spend a few seconds telling you about the memory stones. Danielle said that after Kayla became an angel, her Mom's friend came to her with a bag of stones saying that she wanted to write something creative about keeping these in memory of Kayla. Danielle wrote the poem and handed them out at Kayla's twin brother's baptism. Danielle sent me 12 "Emma's Stones". I was moved to tears last night when I saw these for the first time. The poem goes...
"Keep this stone close by
As a remembrance of
Emma Grace
Beautiful and sweet
An angel dancing among the stars
In the hearts of many
Forever missed
Loved for eternity"