Saturday, July 22, 2006

A sewing god??

If there's a god of sewing, please pray. I've worked all day on my Hawaii project and I've done nothing but created a great BIG mess. Since Jason wanted a shirt to match ours, I decided to change things a big. I decided to go with the sleeveless patterns for Hannah and myself, hoping that I would have enough fabric to get a shirt for Jason. So, off to JoAnn's in search of a pattern knowing that there wasn't anymore of the fabric I bought yesterday. The pattern called for 2 yds for the man's shirt. hhhmm....I only have 1 yd and 6 in, plus some scraps. Back home, I work and work and work and think I've figured out a way to piece things together. To the machine I go to work on Hannah's shirt first, only to discover that I've cut the WRONG version of the pattern out. Yep, no extra material and I'm stuck. I trim here, trim there, and decide to do the facing out of white broadcloth left over from the bereavement gowns. Why? Why? Why didn't I just pick out some different fabric? Why? I had a 40% off coupon even.


Amy K. said...

Oh no!!! There is nothing worse than cutting pattern wrong. Once I cut one side of the pattern one size and the other another size. Sheesh! Good lock my dear. Please post when you have some finished products.