Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Just In

Thanks so much, Amy!!! Just received are a girl gown, 2 sets of caps and booties, an isolette shirt. Amy's been hard at work.She even included a heartshaped memory stone and a card in each bag. The cards are great! On one side they say that they are made in memory of her beautiful sons, Alexander and Chase, and on the opposite said they say that they are donated to the Remembering Emma Grace NICU project. Oh, I almost forgot. Amy made the booties and caps with the Knifty Knitter. She's pressuring me to try it out. LOL! I have some coupons. I just may have to go for it.

And, Amy didn't forget Hannah. Check out this precious puppy dog. Amy, thanks so much for your generosity!

Also in the mailbox were the moons I ordered off of ebay. Getting the idea from the Lucybug project, I'm going to attach these moons to the bereavement gowns. Hannah nicknamed Emma "Baby Moon." Because of my 3 earlier miscarriages, I got to have ultrasounds weekly until 12 weeks. Hannah knew that we were going to see the baby and I think she thought the u/s screen looked like a moon. Emma's headstone has a crescent moon and angel on it. Here's to our "Baby Moon."