Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It's a start!

I've decided to start making an attempt at a crochet item. I first tried this angel and wasn't too successful. After several tries I got the head done, but then had trouble transitioning to the body. I think I'm just not good enough at reading patterns yet to make sense of what I should be doing. I had hoped that this was easy enough and that I could make several to send to Heavenly Angels in Need for their memory boxes. Oh well, I'll try again later.

Then, I found this bunting. I'm doing a better job with it than the angel. See....
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There are a few mistakes like the big loop in the bottom righthand corner. I know what I did wrong now, though. I probably won't give this away with the mistakes. We'll have to see how it turns out.

What yarn do you prefer to use for baby things? This is Caron Simply Soft which I love because of the softness and price. However, I'm having problems picking up an extra thread when I pull through. It seems to unravel too easily. There may be something wrong with my technique so let me know if you have any suggestions.

Lastly, I'm REALLY missing my sewing machine. It's about to kill me. Mom is coming in today to help with Hannah tomorrow when we have to be at the hospital for the cerclage at 5:30am. We didn't go home for Christmas so this is a good excuse for her to come visit. Anyway, I have the bright idea for her to help cut out some patterns. She's going to flip when I suggest it, though. She thinks that I shouldn't be moving at all. The way I figure it is that if she'd cut some of the bereavement gowns out, I can sit at the sewing machine and sew. It's nothing different than sitting in bed. I can work on several things at a time and stage them so that whenever I have to go downstairs for a snack or something, I can press the seams. See...I have it all figured out. :-) I probably only have a few weeks' window to do something like this and then I really do need to be resting as much as possible. I also want her to help me pleat up some material with the pleater that Wool Winder gave me. Neither of us has ever pleated so it might be a challenge. I'm just about finished with the last dress that I pleated. Smocking is something else that I can do in bed. So, if I have a bunch of things pleated up, I can sew them together this fall.

Oh, Mama Bear, yes I have a laptop. I'll be on-line a lot. :-)


Anonymous said...

Candy - I use a lot of Caron Simply Soft, and you're right, it's among the best of the acrylics. You're doing great with your crochet -- don't worry about mistakes right now, just practice a lot!

I also wanted to ask your advice on Ginger Snap patterns. Your gowns are so lovely, but there are so many patterns online to choose from. Do you have any you recommend?

Candy said...

Anne, I don't think I have your email address. Sorry!

I have several of the GS patterns. Nancy is a good friend of the family. I have:
1. Baby Daygowns, Book IV - I smock with this one and have done the bottom left gown on the cover.
2. Preemie Daygowns and Bonnets. I use this one as a boy gown a lot. It's super easy and I use bias binding for blue color around the edges. I do iron-on appliques for the pictures. The bonnet in this pattern works up very pretty too.
3. Preemie Isolette Shirt I - Love this one, too. I've done it in holiday fabric and it's cute.

I especially enjoy Nancy's patterns b/c they are easy to read and have quick tips. They do seem to run a bit on the big side to me, though.

If you have more questions, let me know. Email Nancy, too, she's VERY helpful!!! Tell her that I sent you. LOL! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, hon! Will order m'self some of these patterns this week...should make for some wonderful Sunday afternoon sewing sessions - hopefully we'll get some snow in New York soon to make things extra cozy. Take care and rest!


Anonymous said...

Keep going with your crochet. It's coming along nicely. Caron Simply Soft is good acrylic. I also use Bernat Softee Baby.

LadyM said...


LOL, I am *forever* not being able to "pick up" that "last stitch" when I'm at the *start* of a "flat" piece of crochet (not that anyone has *complained*, since they tend to "love" it!!). i will sometimes "rip" it out and "try again", but not always.... :)

As for dealing with "simply soft", I have to *slow down* on occasion in order to keep from "tangling" the fibers ("ripping" out stitch a *must* since affect's the next row!!), and if I have to use a "smaller" hook, like a G, Oy Vey !!! I still *love* to use it for projects, though not in the "preemie" area. Bev did "suggest" that it's too "heavy" for the "under 5 pounders" (makes their bodies look even *more* smaller.. :( ).

I might have the "answer" to your "angel"problem...1.) make sure you're doing the Sc's in the "head" *loose enough* so the top of each stitch is easily seen (a "trick" I had to learn!!). Since there *won't* be a "Ch 1" on the hook as you go into the "gown" portion, the "2nd Sc" is next to the Sc *under* your loop on the hook. "Slip stitch- pull the yarn through the next stitch *and* the loop on the hook", and the 4 Sc's next in line.

Was that "helpful" to you?

I actually like this pattern *much* better than the one "buried" on Bev's messageboard (I signed up, but there's *no activity*!!).

Your *bunting* turned out *great*!!!!