Monday, January 08, 2007


Bunting #2 and much improved! I added a little embellishment with a cross.

Editted to Add:
I forgot to say something special about the yarn I used. My MIL passed away in Feb '03, 2 months before Hannah's birth. She was a very talented crafter and could crochet. When we were home at Thanksgiving, I asked step-MIL if there was any yarn left from my MIL's stash. I was saddened to learn that it was all being stored in the barn. It was filthy, but I brought it home anyway. After asking around, Chris from Bev's Charity Challenge advised that I put it in panty hose and send it through the washing machine. Presto!! I all cleaned up beautifully and now I can carry on my MIL's legacy a bit by making some bereavement items with her yarn.


Anne K. said...

This is precious, Candy!!! Love the little cross. I have made these before, but it's been quite awhile - think I'll try some more myself. I've just posted about some isolette shirts, BTW. Am anxious to take them to the NICU sometime this week...or maybe this weekend when daughter is home from NYCity. Hope you're resting!!

Wool Winder said...

You're getting good at crochet!

Marcia said...

what a beautiful thing to do to honor your MIL with her yarn.