Monday, January 15, 2007

What a mess!

This is completely off topic and has absolutely nothing to do with charity work. However, I wanted to share with you what kind of predicament we are in and how absolutely crazy some people are.

We hired a nanny and she started last week. I found her on Craigslist and met with her. Her lack of energy made me apprehensive, but I just figured that she was shy and would take some time for her to warm up to us. She is a 24 year old college student who plans to be a kindergarten teacher. She lives 2 miles from my house and our schedules matched perfectly.

Last week was her first week and towards the end I was feeling a bit unsettled with her. She was not fun-loving, energetic, etc. I never heard her play silly games with Hannah. My husband and I discussed this Thursday night. Saturday morning we discussed it more. I decided to take a look at Craigslist just to see if she had a current ad. Sure enough, I saw an ad matching the one I responded to exactly. It was posted on Wednesday. Being sneaky, I created a new hotmail account and responded to the ad. Bingo! It WAS her and she was looking for something "like immediately." This was Saturday afternoon.

I was obviously upset and we discussed if we should fire her immediately or keep her until we can find someone else. I frankly didn't want her picking Hannah up from school if she didn't care about Hannah.

Well, low and behold, Sunday morning about 10ish I received an email from her. It read....

"Hi Candy, for some reason I cant find you phone number anywhere so I dont know if this is your regular email, but I thought I would give it a try....seems we may have a little problem and I feel horrible..
Last year around this time I was sick and went to the hospital many times and they couldn't figure out what I had. They did a lot of blood work and it made me black out and hit a pole (yeah i know!!) it turns out I had gastrointestinal bleeding and i went to see a gastroenerologist and they put me on all kinds of meds and had a dr note for 2 months not to work or go to class. They wouldn't even let me drive so it was bad. That's the short version...its kinda nasty...

Last week at your house I don't know if you noticed but I was feeling very weak and when Hannah and I would go outside I would lose my breath and get really weak fast and I couldn't figure out why. I was having a lot of problems after I ate and it was getting bad. I was seeing blood again when I went to the restroom and that's what was happening before. My dad wanted my roommate to take me to the ER to check it out because last time it got bad before I knew what was going on. I spent half the night in the ER at 2 am sat morn and then all day yesterday with them giving me IV's because I was dehydrated, etc. The point of this is I don't know what's going to happen. Since I didn't have a colonoscopy last time they were talking about me getting one asap since this is the second time ive had this it could be something bad...I honestly don't know what's going to happen, but this is putting me under a lot of stress since I'm not able to go to class again until they tell me I can....
My dad was considering me going to his house because my roommate has to work this week and I don't want to be here alone...I really don't know what to do.
I apologize for the short notice, but I don't know if this is contagious....I have no idea what it really is and with you already on bed rest the last thing you need is to get sick. If theres anything I can do to help you find someone asap let me know bc I feel horrible because you are in a bad situation also..."

How much of that do you believe? She was in the ER until 2am Sat, but Sat afternoon she tells "the fake me" that she needs a job "like immediately." Plus, if you lose someones phone number (whether the dog ate it or whatever) and you know where they live, drive the 2 miles to their house. Oh, wait.....she was probably too busy making contact with the CDC reporting that she had contracted the next epidemic.

So, I can laugh about it now, but yesterday I was VERY ANGRY. She has left us in a very precarious situation. We have no family nearby to help. I'm on complete bedrest, up to potty and shower. I have made contact with Hannah's school and she will go fulltime starting tomorrow. I also signed us up with a nanny agency this morning. Maybe we can find some help ASAP!!


HAINAngel2000 said...

This is a big mess. In a good way she is getting away before you end up finding out she is a freak who would have eventually put harm to your daughter. I think it is best she leaves quickly!!
I beleive that all of us have intuition/ or Holy Spirit (sp) and it tells us if something is wrong. We should listen to it, it can save your life or someone you loves life. Problem is allot of people do not listen to it like they should.
I will pray for the right nanny to come into your lives.

Anne K. said...

ARGH!!!!! What an irresponsible young girl! Not to be cynical, but I wouldn't believe a single word of the so-called health problem....not that it matters anyway. You just need another nanny, and quickly. I will pray one comes about promptly - you don't need any more stress!

I know just what you mean about the "no spark" thing. We had an intern last summer, a college junior, who was like that. It irritated me to no end. Like we were entitled to give her a job, and she wasn't going to meet us halfway and act like she cared about it. And all I was doing was entrusting work projects to her...not the care of my daughter! So I can only imagine how enraged you had to have been!

Anyway, here's hoping that the current mess will be cleared up very soon!!! Take care of yourself!

Cheryl said...

Definitely not the kind of stress you need at this time! Prayers that a new and perfect nanny will be given to you quickly!
You are doing such a great job with the crochet!!
Love and hugs to you :)

Mama Bear said...

I was so sorry to hear this and sorry we aren't closer!

I haven't been online much, but have been taking a quick peek in here each day to see how you are doing, and will be praying!

Wool Winder said...

I know this puts you in a bind, but she didn't sound like the right person to be caring for your daughter anyway. In the end you will probably be glad she quit. I hope you find someone good soon.

Pink Dandelion said...

Oh no! How awful... I can't believe how selfish some people can be. I hope the agency comes through quickly with someone better! I'll be praying!

seastartrue said...

Better out of your family's life. She sounds just a little scary.

From someone that has ulcerative colitis I know the routine. She has some of the "words" down but it doesn't make sense. The gastro dr don't mess with it and she would have had the test and a treatment plan asap. I think she was scamming you.

It hits me that she wasn't thrilled that you were home and she didn't have the run of the house.

Hope things go well. Your in my thoughts and prayers.

Kathy from AC4C