Sunday, June 03, 2007

Some Photos

I spent much of Friday and Saturday working on stuff for the foundation. I am now caught up on all the charitable contribution receipts. If you've donated and don't receive a receipt in the next few days, please let me know.

I also applied for a small grant from a local corporation. Cross your fingers for me!!! We really need funds to help with the funeral expense side of the foundation.

Anyway, while doing all of this, I ran across some photos that I haven't posted. These are of some donations received while I was in the hospital.

The first is from Denise and is an adorable yellow bunting. Thanks, Denise, not only for this donation but your constant support!!

The second is from Jeffy. These little bonnets are just beautiful in person. I'm saving them and will sew a gown trimmed in pink to match.

And, please check out these beautiful gowns and bathcloth wraps from Kathy. The photo is in the slide show on the right. She also sent a large baggie of bows. Thanks again, Kathy!


Tracy said...

Everything is beautiful!

bevq said...

Those are such beautiful bonnets. I know you didn't make them but do you have any idea if the patterns are online?


kathy said...


Anonymous said...

Such lovely things. I wish I could touch. It is always so nice to see a baby in such adorable things and they smell so nice that is what makes them such precious bundles.