Friday, June 22, 2007

We're Ready Now....

but Austin doesn't seem to be. LOL!! We made a trip to Babies R Us yesterday and spent $325. Eeekk!! Now, Mr Austin....bring your little hiney on. I'm having some contractions, but nothing regular and hard enough to warrant rushing to the hospital. Since my peri left the stitch in, she doesn't want me contracting against the stitch. But, I don't think I'm contracting enough to do any harm.

Today is the nanny's last day and we'll take her out to lunch today. So, maybe, just maybe with some more activity things will get to moving along. Although it's been difficult at times to get used to the invasion of privacy with a nanny, I am going to miss her. My husband informed me that he has 3 business trips next month since he has put them off for 6 months. It would be nice to keep her around a bit longer, but we just can't afford it. Plus, Mom is staying until the 13th.


Mama Bear said...

A case of hurry up and wait! I'm glad you updated, we were wondering if little Austin had made his debut yet.

Praying :)