Friday, August 15, 2008

Aug 15th

Today's the last day of the 3rd Annual EGF Donation Drive!! I know a few of you have things in the process of being shipped. If you haven't contacted me, please do and I'll add you to the drawing.

Current totals are AMAZING!!! 1186 items & $533

Thank you ALL for your time, energy, and heart!! It will probably be a few more days before I pick the 3 winning names. Then, depending on the winners (and their craft of choice) I will be buying some more prizes. I decided to wait to see who wins.

Hugs to all!


Marcia said...

that is wonderful. Such a loving tribute to your little daughter.

kate said...

last day? I will ship my stuff early next week, can i get in under the wire or no? lol