Tuesday, August 12, 2008

EGF Need

Emmazing Grace needs some 5-7 lb gown sets. We rarely get them donated, but unfortunately they are needed from time to time. I have recently received 2 requests for the large gowns. If you could help out, please let me know. I will be working on some myself in the coming weeks.


nocton4 said...

Have put a tribute to emma on todays post on my blog, hope its ok
much love

Marcia said...

I would love to make a gown or two. Do you think you could point me in the direction of knit & crochet ones? I don't know what size is what and I also have noticed that a lot of the ones I used to make are no longer available online.

kate said...

What marcia said. Though i will not be able to make them soon. I will have two sweater & hat sets ready to send to you next week, they are 5-7 lb size.

Candy said...

I will make a post with some links soon. Thanks ya'll!!

kate said...

Ok,i just looked myself by searching on Ravelry. I found these:

crochet baby sleep gown

Preemie angel shell gown

Newborn Angel Gown Set

The sizing is not clear to me either. And i don't crochet at all so i can't even begin to read the patterns! At the end of the preemie one they have directions for sizing it down further to 1-2 lb preemies so maybe the original pattern is for what -- 3-5 lbs or 5-7? Usually when they say 'newborn' they mean 7-8 lbs, right?

Wow, here is a a HUGE list of patterns:

Burial Gowns


Preemie baby patterns seems pretty full of stuff! The link above is from there plus they have a link for sizes, etc.

The 5-hour baby sweater pattern i have been using is from the Bev's country cottage site & it is a very good pattern, btw.

kate said...

LOL Candy, looks like i was looking while you were posting!