Friday, August 15, 2008

Fulfilling My Pledge

I've made a few strides in fulfilling my MyZeroWaste pledge.

Fabric Shopping Bag - This bag is one that I won at our annual Easter Egg Hunt. It's from Target and holds probably 3-4 plastic bags worth of groceries. I used it on Thursday. I still want to make some using old fabric from this pattern.
Composting - Here's the start of our compost pile.

When discussing recycling and the MyZeroWaste pledge with friends, I was pointed toward a few ideas for reducing junk mail.
Green Dimes - This was the first site that I was alerted to and I signed up for the free version of it. This group will lead you through steps to opt out of mailings. If you wish to pay $20 they will do all the work for you and plant 5 trees in your name. Again, I chose the free service and see how it works out.
Catalog Choice - When I signed up for Green Dimes, there was steps to opt out of catalog mailings. I haven't signed up for Catalogue Choice yet in hopes that the catalog mailings are covered with Green Dimes. I will research further when I have time.
OptOutPreScreen - This will opt you out of the pre-approved credit card mailings. The same link is included in Green Dimes, but I think there's a form that must be completed and mailed in. I will research this link also more when I have time. The pre-approved credit card mailings are a HUGE risk to idenity theft and fraud.....speaking of which, I need to tell you all what recently happened to me, but that's going to have to wait until I have more time. LOL!



nocton4 said...

great stuff

margotb said...

Also try, we have been around since 2001 and have one of the best lists of catalogs in the industry. We recently dropped our price back to our 2001 prices of $9.95.