Tuesday, August 12, 2008


These curtains were formerly used on french doors two houses ago in Mississippi. My mom and grandmother made them for me before I learned to sew. Last night, I cut off the wood board at the top that was permanently affixed to the doors and shortened them up a bit.
They are now over the garden tub in our bathroom. We wanted to leave the top windows open so that we could enjoy the view. Since it's on the 3rd floor and unless you're on our neighbor's roof, you can't see in.
Stained glass would be pretty on the bottom windows instead of the curtains......maybe one day.


Wool Winder said...

A big window in the bathroom is nice, but does create a dilemma. I like the way you solved the problem.

Marcia said...

Those curtains are beautiful and I love the sentimentality too. Also that bottom window is gorgeous! Stained glass would look great there. What about hanging framed stained glass windows over the plain windows for the time being?