Monday, June 26, 2006

2 Donations in 1 Day!!

I am absolutely blown away by the talent and the participation in the Remembering Emma Grace NICU project. I cannot thank everyone enough for working so hard to make a difference!!!

Below are beautifully crochetted (I think!) blankets made by my friend Christina! They are absolutely gorgeous in person.

And, Nancy sent 3 more quilts! I love the pink one, but I am partial to girls. hee! hee!

Thank you soooooooo very much, Christina & Nancy!!


Marcia said...

cute blankets. How big are they?

Candy said...

The crochetted blankets are beautiful in person, but quite large. They are roughly 35"x45". Christina said she couldn't figure out how to shrink the pattern. LOL! I think some about 1/2 that size would be great bereavement blankets to match the gowns I make.