Monday, June 26, 2006

A Group Photo

Donated to date:
3 Crochetted Blankets
13 Quilts
4 Knitted Caps
58 Crochetted Caps
2 Boy Bereavement Sets (includes cap, blanket, & gown)
3 Girl Bereavement Sets (includes bonnet, blanket, & gown)
2 Isolette Shirts
2 Fleece Blankets
2 Small Bears
13 Baggies for Locks of Hair
1 Hand/Foot Mold Kit

and there's still more to come!


Mama Bear said...

How wonderful that friends are honoring Emma Grace this way.

I looked at her photo. She's absolutely beautiful!

Wool Winder said...

These items are an expression of love. A truly wonderful way to honor Emma Grace and help others at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I'm on vacation, but wanted to thank you both for your very sweet and kind words. I do have to agree that my Em was absolutely perfect, just born wwwaaayyy too soon. The photo I posted is one that was taken by one of the NICU nurses. I had it re-touched to remove the tubes. It makes her look like such a big girl.

I just checked out the LucyBug blog and it seems like some BEAUTIFUL things have started to roll in. You are truly making a difference, too! The families of precious angels that receive them are going to be so very thankful!