Thursday, June 15, 2006

A Great Day for Donations

Today, donations from 2 of my friends came in. I am so excited, especially since we were afraid Nancy's quilts were lost in the mail.

Nancy sent so many quilts that I had to take a couple of pictures. Aren't the wonderful? I wasn't expecting so many. They vary in size from about 18"x18" to 36"x42". Nancy, thanks so very much for sharing your talent like this!!

Kristine sent a baby girl bereavement gown and bonnet in the 1-3 lb size and a baby boy kimono in the smallest size. Kristine, you know I love your sewing and thank you so very much. Kristine knows the NICU experience as she has boy/girl twins (born at 26 wks gestation) that are now 3 years old.

Lastly, I forgot to mention in my first post. I donated 9 (for the 9 months since Emma has been gone) of the crocheted caps that Sue made to the Lucybug Knit-A-Long. I sent them priority mail so I think they should have received them today. A nice member of the group has set up a contest. If I win, I'll donate the yarn to Sue, since I don't knit or crochet and I entered her items.