Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Easter Dresses

My first big sewing project ever was Hannah's Easter dress last year. I smocked a basic yoke dress, Ellen McCarn's Basic Yoke Dress pattern. It really was too difficult of a job for a beginning sewer, but my sewing teacher talked me into it. I thought I never was going to finish it. Here's the final version in Hannah's 2 year pictures.

So, this year I didn't want to do anything as tedious as the smocking, so I chose to do lace insertion. LOL! It went pretty well, except for adding the gathered lace to the entredeaux. I couldn't do it by machine, so ended up having to gather it by hand around the bottom of the dress. This is the pink linen dress by Nancy Coburn of I love it and think it turned out beautifully!

And, last is a doll dress I made to match Hannah's dress. While working on the Easter dress this year, I couldn't help but be sad because I didn't have 2 dresses to make. While home for Easter, I realized what I needed to do with the scraps....make a dress for Emma's doll. I had gotten a doll for Emma's grave for Christmas. By Easter, the dress was all faded. Here's the finished product. I hope to have a photo of the doll all dressed up soon. My Mom just took a picture for me.