Wednesday, June 14, 2006

NICU items are arriving!

Things have started coming in for the NICU project. To me, this is a great way to honor and remember Sweet Em. I will be sending items back to the NICU in MS in late Aug/early Sept, just in time for her first anniversaries.

Sue, a lady from my hometown, has crocheted 40 caps. She must be a crocheting machine! I weaved the ribbons through them. Here is an example:

This is a bereavement gown for a little girl in the 1-3 lbs size that I have completed. I used the Threads of Love pattern for this one.

Here's the first isolette shirt. I made it from a pattern from Ginger Snaps Designs.
The picture is a little small, so you can't see it well. There are velcro closers at the shoulders and front opening to provide easy access for any monitors that might be placed on the baby.

Here is the baby boy gown I have complete. I think I'll pair it up with a crocheted cap that has been donated.

Lastly, here are some non-handmade items that have been donated. The special items are a hand/foot mold kit and some little baggies for locks of hair. They are donated by my friend Sonya in memory of her son, Baby Tom, born too soon.

A great big thanks to all that have donated!!!


Anonymous said...

Okay, so your niece is so upset that your first back-pack experience is not on this list...She loves her Carebear back-pack :)
much love
Courtney and Lizzie

Candy said...

Ha! Ha! Lizzie, I'll get your backpack posted ASAP! I promise!!! :-)