Thursday, August 31, 2006

And, it's off (Part II)

All 46 lbs of it!! This one should arrive at Woman's Hospital on Sept. 5th. Thank you all sooo very much for the overwhelming generosity you've shared! This has been an incredibly moving experience for me. Thank you for touching me so deeply.

The Remembering Emma Grace NICU Project 2006 Totals are:
32 Blankets & Quilts
73 Caps
12 Bereavement Sets
1 Bunting
13 Isolette Shirts
7 Stuffed Animals
13 Baggies for Locks of Hair
8 Hand/Foot Mold Kit
21 Journals
20 Pens
19 Disposable Cameras
2 Sets of Booties & Caps
1 Preemie Drape & Cap
6 Sets of Special Cards
$50 Amex Gift Card
8 Snugglies
3 Crossword Puzzle Books

God Bless the Babies and Their Families!


Wool Winder said...

How wonderful! A lovely way to remember Grace.

Mama Bear said...

I'm sorry you aren't wrapping first birthday gifts instead. What a wonderful way to honor Emma Grace and what a blessing these will be to others!

Mama Bear