Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hats and Socks

Look at these beautiful hats and socks from Mama Bear. They just arrived and are the last, but certainly not least. Thank you so much for this donation with everything you have going on right now.

I've been so touched and moved by these tiny socks. They really are the tiniest I've ever seen. You see, Emma was given some booties but they were wwwaaayyy too big. Seeing these little ones really brings back memories of my tiny girl. Below is a photo of her footprints next to these that Mama Bear sent.

Thank you for remembering the tiny babies!


Mama Bear said...

I wish I had known you in time to send little socks for Emma Grace.

I often wondered if those tiny socks would actually fit a baby. The picture of the socks next to Emma's footprints touched me deeply.

Tiny babies with tiny footprints, but their impact on others is so wide reaching and powerful.

Mama Bear

Candy said...

You're exactly right, Mama Bear. Emma's impact, much like little Lucy's, has been nothing short of amazing.

Pat said...

Candy, I am the mother-in-law of your good friend, Beth. I am most impressed with your blog! She sent me the address.

You and Jason came to our house for Alex and Beth's reception here in Pensacola when they were first married.

BTW, Beth has probably mentioned that my Dad was from your home town! Small world!!

I started making preemie caps for the NICU for one of the local hospitals here in January of this year. I like the caps that appear on your August 30th spot. Did you make them? If so, where can I find the pattern? Are they knitted or crocheted? I can do both, but I'm better at knitting. However, I think that I enjoy crocheting more though.

I've been using the same pattern since January and would like a little variety.


God Bless You!

Candy said...

Hi Pat! Good to "see" you! These are from Mama Bear and are knit. She helps run a knit-a-long and designed this pattern, I think. It appears to be her spiral ribbed preemie hat, but she doesn't have the pattern posted yet.
I think she's working on patterns this week. Maybe this is one of them. I'll double check for you. There are TONS of free patterns on
Check there, too.