Wednesday, August 16, 2006

From Emily

Late yesterday afternoon, the UPS man brought these to my door. They are from Emily, a very good family friend and Mommy to our godchildren. The blankets are absolutely beautiful and would be such sweet bereavement blankets. Emily sent a total of 8 blankets...two 16"x16", four 18"x18", and two 22"x22". And, for an added special touch she embroidered Emma's intials on 6 of them and the initial of her last name on the remaining 2 in memory of the identical twins that she miscarried a few months ago. She did it in white thread, so it is subtle. And...being the fabulous photographer (not!) that I am, I couldn't make it show up in a photo.

Emily, thanks for sharing your time and heart with me, and other families that will receive these blankets.