Tuesday, August 29, 2006

First Day of School

It's here. The first day of school is here. It's hard to believe that Hannah is old enough. She's going on T/Th from 9-2 and is sooooooo excited. She was just about to explode this morning. Here she is in the overalls I made for her first day.

I'm gonna take a break from sewing for just a bit. I haven't done Emma's scrapbook yet and before another year has passed (has it really been a year?), I've got to do it. It's going to be an emotional project, but one that I really need to do. I can't stand not being able to open a book and look at her pictures.

Before the end of September, I'll finish the LucyBug gown and I have some flannel I want to turn into blankets. I'll probably end up doing more sewing that I realize.

Oh, and I picked up some Caron Simply Soft in orange and green yesterday to loom some pumpkin hats. See...I will be busier than I expect. :-)


Unknown said...

Those overalls turned out very, very cute! And Hannah is such a doll! Hope she enjoyed her first day of school and you made it through too :-) They grow up way too fast.


Tracy Batchelder said...

Hannah is adorable in her new overalls! I love the ruffles.

Tracy Batchelder said...

Thanks for the kinds words expressed about Isabella. She was the daughter of my husband's niece.

Anonymous said...


Mama Bear