Tuesday, September 19, 2006

SAGA's Wee Care Program

I've had some questions about the smocked gown and wanted to address them as a new post and not a comment. The gown pattern is copyrighted and I purchased it from Ginger Snaps Designs. See my link in the post below.

However, SAGA has some free smocking designs here in their Wee Care Program. I wish I had a pleater and I'd try these out. My Mom's friend pleated 3 raglan sleeved gowns for me a while back, so I still have 2 more to work on before a pleater is "needed." :-(


Wool Winder said...

Today is your lucky day! My mom used to smock, but not anymore. Several years ago she asked me if I knew anyone that wanted her pleater. I said I didn't, but I would ask around. Needless to say the pleater has been in my closet all this time just waiting to find a home. I would love to give it to you. Email me at woolwinderAtgmailDOTcom and let me know where to mail it.

Candy said...

Oh, Tracy!! You're kidding me. Thank you soooo much!!! I'm gonna cry. Thank you! Thank you!!

Alicia said...

Tracy, that is so nice of you. Candy does such beautiful work, it will go to good use!
Candy, I ordered the pattern for the smocked gown and went to the news letter for the hat pattern. I also signed up for the news letter. Thanks for sharing.